Syncing my local WordPress to the one that's online.

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    Hi, I’m really noobish in using WordPress, so please bear with me. I’m using Ubuntu 10.10, and I’ve set up phpMyAdmin properly and all that stuff. However, what I’ve noticed about the local installation is that it’s not the same as the one that’s online. How do I sync it? Do I need to import certain folders and stuff, or change something in my server settings?

    Sorry, a terribly noob user here. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    There are considerable differences between the wordpress.ORG software you have locally installed and the wordpress.COM software (that this blog is on, ). They are two separate and distinct things.

    You can export content from one or the other and import it into the other, but you cannot “sync” the two.

    There is no FTP access here, and wordpress.COM being a multi-user platform, we have no access to any of the backend files.


    Why exactly are you asking? What are you trying to “sync?”


    thanks… now i get it. i’m just trying to see if i update the local directory, the .COM will be updated too. What I wanted to happen doesn’t make sense, lol

    So how do I export content then?



    G’evening. You will find the export/import instructions entry here > :)



    Do you mean export it from your local version so you can import it to your blog? That’s under Tools->Export and Tools->Import on the respective blogs.


    thanks people! =)

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