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Syndicated Views

  1. homeschoolrangers

    OK, what does it mean by "Syndicated Views" on the search stats graph? Is that a direct link from another site to a specific post of mine, or something else?

  2. It means people who don't go to the site, but instead have the site come to them via subscribing to your RSS feed.

  3. How do i see syndicated views' stats for each post on my dashboard?

  4. You have to click on the graph icon to the right of the post title on your Stats page. Right now there's no overall feed stats graph.

  5. Why do none of my posts show any stats for syndicated views? I have the rss link button...

  6. Is it possible to find out how many people have chosen to get RSS feed from you blog in general regardless of whether they come to the pages at all?

  7. No, not unless you direct every single one through Feedburner.

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