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    I am trying to syndicate my blog, but I cannot paste the HTML provided by Feedburner into my blog. Is there any other way to accomplish this? I am quite new to this entire process.



    This should help. For an example take a peak at my blogs sidebar.

    WordPress Faqs



    Actually did this this morning for another blog.

    Feedburner gives you an anchor tag and a image tag, right? When you go under the Add Link portion of your dashboard, the anchor tag goes under where it says “URl” and the image tag does under where it says “Image URL” towards the bottom.

    Now here’s the tricky bit. Go back to your “Link Categories” and edit the category you want these feeds to be under. Under the Category Options bit, you’ll see a bit that says “Show:”. Make sure you have the image box tagged on. That way the image shows. I would also go ahead and turn off the description box as in this case, all you want is the image.

    I would put all of the syndication feeds under one category just to make a point about that.

    If you need pictures to show this, please let me know. Going to be a few days before i can get to them though.

    Hope this helps,

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