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    Hello colleagues,

    I feel I can just about compose my own answer to this through a comibation of the FAQ’s and other topics here, however in the interests of absolute clarity I wondered whether more experienced voices could help me unravel the implications or requirements of sydnicating my blog through Yardbarker.

    I’ve been approached for the 2nd time to consider this but I suspect I need to shift to a led blog system rather than to enable me to include the populated ads Yardbarker need to develop a revenue stream from the site?

    Could anyone walk me through this, and whether I am correct in my analysis.



    The blog I need help with is



    Come on guys, someone throw me a bone here.


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    “I can just about compose my own answer to this”

    Volunteers in the forum have no part in the final determination of which blogs are violating terms of service. It looks like you have done your research, and know the answer, but if you still have doubts, contact staff:

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