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"Syndication feeds" new limit

  1. findwyerspodcast

    My podcast Syndication feed has recently been limited 50 posts thereby removing older podcasts from Itunes. Why did this happen. is there a way I can extend it beyond 50?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    I can confirm this. There were some fatal errors and timeouts in cases where a blog loaded an extremely large number of posts in the Recent Posts widget or Posts per page setting (in Reading Settings).

    As raincoaster and timethief pointed out, your best bet is the archives shortcode on another page.

    You could also insert a link to your Archives page in a Text widget below the Recent Posts widget. e.g. "For more posts, please see the Archives page."

  3. findwyerspodcast

    Ok so the feed is mainly for a podcast which there are 16 out of c100 posts. These are interspersed over the last 2,5 yrs of posts. I want them all to appear in Itunes. Sorry If it might be obvious but are you saying this not possible in this current format?
    Thanks for your reply

  4. Yes, I'm saying It's no longer possible to exceed the very generous 50 post entry limit.

  5. findwyerspodcast


  6. To provide on site access to all your posts ie. podcasts you can create a static Page and use the Archives shortcode. Note that Pages do not have RSS feeds.

  7. findwyerspodcast

    Sorry I am abit lost by what your saying, thanks for your time

  8. findwyerspodcast

    So i looked over this stuff. If I created a new page called podcasts for example I will not be able to get a feed specific page yes?

  9. That's right. You will have a complete index but it will be on a page and pages do not have RSS Feeds.

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