Syntax Highlighter – line numbering issue.

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    It seems that you’ve updated Syntaxhighlighter plugin just recently.

    – line numbering works badly (i use it mostly for simple text format for my Atari Action! code examples and for lots of them line numbers are stopping before the end of listing, so that a few lines are left without line number at all.

    – visual look changed and by default the toolbar which was showing up when hovering over the upper part of the syntaxhighlighted source, dissapeared. I wan’t it back :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for these reports about the syntax highlighter. I’ve passed along your comments to our developers and I’ll see what we can do.


    Hi! Thanks for the bug report!

    For the first issue, the correct number of lines are there but the styling in the theme (presumably) you’re using is making the line numbers not line up with the actual lines of code.

    I tried it out on a different theme as a test and it works fine:

    I’ll work on fixing it so that the theme you’re using doesn’t impact the code’s styling like it is now. Sorry about that.

    For the second issue, that is actually intended behavior. The toolbar is no longer needed. With the old version of the highlighter library, you couldn’t use your mouse to select and copy the code because you would also be highlighting the line numbers to the left of the code. So the author of the JavaScript library we use implemented a little toolbar that showed up when you hovered that allowed you to view the raw code as well as a button to copy it to your clipboard.

    However with this newer version of the highlighting script, you can just select and copy the code like you would any other text! You’ll no longer get the line numbers included. This makes the view raw source and copy to clipboard buttons redundant and just in the way.


    The line numbers not lining up with the code lines should be fixed now.

    Thanks again for the bug report!



    Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly!



    Our pleasure – thanks for your feedback on this feature, we appreciate it.

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