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System down?

  1. When I try to log in or navigate I'm getting regular "systems error" messages. Everything is slow to download too. Is the system down?

  2. Don't know if it's the same thing, but everything is really slow here. I can edit posts, but not pages. Consistently getting the server maintenance message, but instead of being OK in a few minutes, it's been whacked for half an hour.

  3. It's just started to work again. It was a problem for about half an hour, as you said. Thanks.

  4. Yep, better for me now, too, although I'm noticing the forums are very slow.

  5. System seems to be back up, but I have a post that it will not let me post, it keeps it as a draft. I've done everything I normally do, and more, and can't get it to post, it just stays draft.

  6. why did i get "invalid key" when trying to view my blog?

  7. soulsanctified

    Yeah, I'm getting "invalid Key" as well. I just edited my latest blog and when I went to view it I got that error message.

  8. Things are really kinked up, at least when it comes to posting. I can't get anything to post, it always makes it a draft. If I change the post - add some text - and "save and continue editing" what comes back is the post before I changed it.

    I've tried it through the dashboard and also through Ecto, and neither will post.

    Oh well, maybe tomorrow it will be better.

  9. I can pull posts to my blog editor, but they are not being posted on my blog. I can also edit them online but they are not posted. Sounds like the database has been locked.

  10. soul "invalid key" is a common error. You have to accept all cookies (Opera users know what I mean) from the site you are going to. This happens to me on my own site when I navigate away from the admin page to the home page. Some pages I can not even read, like Scobleizer (no loss) ditto for CNN. Some however I want to read and can not.

  11. I believe there was a problem because in the past 20 minutes it is really fast again for me.


  12. I just signed up for wordpress tonight and have been fooling around with options and stuff, and thus far have been unable to successfully import my posts from blogger or publish new posts. Should I expect a time delay, or is it likely that the site is experiencing problems?

  13. I cannot post either. I can update the presentation and other things, but right now, posting is not working. Bummer.

  14. I suppose that applies to importing posts from blogger too, then. Double bummer.

  15. Does it give you any errors when publishing the posts or just really slow?


  16. Definitely don't do an import tonight.
    It's the once every six month SOMETHING FARKING UP night. Usually it's not like this. Don't waste your time trying something major until at least tomorrow, though.

  17. I think it has to do with anything related to posting. Hopefully it's just all the systems getting back up to speed after the "maintenance" - whatever that is or was.

  18. The post actually just disappears. I click on Save, publish -- whatever -- and it's like I never typed anything. I can "preview" after I attempt a save and continue editing, but nothing is there of course -- just 404 error in the post area.

  19. Send an email to support @ and let them know about it (if they don't know already) or a support request in the morning if it is still happening!


  20. @trent
    For me no errors of any kind, it appears as if everything is normal, but my post will show up in drafts, not published, and it also strips out my tag designations and leaves them blank.

  21. I am having the problem jpoyer is having...
    I haven't been on WordPress long, but I haven't had a problem at all until now.

  22. I sent an e-mail -- hopefully it will clear up in a bit. I'm about to call it a night.

  23. I clicked Published for several posts and they didn't appear in the display. When I check the post in Manage Posts, there's no trace of them.

  24. Trent, I don't suppose you could make this a sticky? Seems like we've got four threads already on various aspects of the problem.

    (thank god I got Chad Vader performing Chocolate Rain up before things went wonky)

  25. But i have so much to say *weeps silently...*

  26. I am sure Staff are aware of these problems, but I also reported it to them. I would imagine it will be working again sometime soon.


  27. I've also tried deleting the "welcome" post that wordpress seems to publish for you by default, and it keeps coming back.

  28. Mine is totally screwed up. Invalid key thing others are saying, pages don't show up at all for other users, acts like I'm editing, but no editing is saved.

  29. janusgate.... heh heh.

  30. I suspect that if we're patient, things will get back to normal in the next hour or so. With all the traffic and blogs on wp dot com, I suspect things really load up right after some sort of outage.

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