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Tab arrangement

  1. casonginstitute

    I have figured out how to creat pages and they have (rather miraculously) turned into tabs, just as I would like them to do. The problem is that I do not like the order in which they appear at the top of the page. Can these be moved to appear is a different order?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. If you are using the conventional page structure then you can edit the pages and assign numbers to them so they display in numerical order .

    If you created a custom menu then you can drag and drop them into the order you want them to display.

  3. casonginstitute

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot!

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. casonginstitute

    Ok, Timethief, that worked - Thanks! Now, it didn't change the order of the pages on the sidebar. Is there a separate control for this? 2 more questions (since you seem to know what is happening!):
    1) I have 1 parent page with 2 children. In the side bar it shows this, however, if you click on the tab rather than the sidebar, it does not show links to the children. Is there a way to imbed this in the parent page?
    2)Also, is there a way to make one of my pages serve as the "homepage" for the site? Meaning, when the site is opened, can one of the pages automatically display?

    Thanks for your help!

  6. casonginstitute

    Woah, learning curve! I figured out to change the side bar order - but not my other 2 questions.

  7. What you need to do is to create a custom menu. With a custom menu you can have dropdowns to child pages and can easily adjust the order of the tabs by drag and drop.

  8. For #2, what you will want to do is set that page as the "static" front page and then also create a "blog" page that will show you posts.

  9. With a default blog setup, the front page (“Home”) of your blog will display the latest posts. You can change this so readers see a static page instead, and see your posts on a different page. >

    if you click on the tab rather than the sidebar, it does not show links to the children. Is there a way to imbed this in the parent page?

    Ther's no automatic way to make child page links appear on parent pages in that theme. You can edit the parent page and add the links to child pages yourself.

  10. casonginstitute

    Thank you all!

  11. casonginstitute

    So I know that this seems like the wrong use of a blog page, but is there a way to NOT have an area for posts? I am really just creating a website, rather than an active blog...

  12. If you don't want a blog page, then do not create one and don't set one at settings > reading when you set your static home page. If at a later time you decide to also have a blog page, you can do that at that time.

  13. casonginstitute


  14. You're welcome.

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