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    alignment within table rows – I would like to place images and text in a table, 4 rows, 2 columns, on my home page. The images are in column 1, and column 2 has headers and bulleted lists in each row. The images are set as left-aligned, but the text in column 2 automatically aligns with the bottom of each image in column 1 (ie., the header of each cell is aligned to the bottom of the corresponding image, with the list below that, so each row is really long and lots of white space). In the visual editor everything is lined up okay, and when I copied my html to the TryIt editor on, it lines up the way I want it to.

    I’m hesitant to publish the changes because I want to make sure it looks right before I publish, so I don’t know how to go about showing WP Support what might be happening?
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    Can you point us to the draft page/post ?
    We’ll take a look.



    Thanks, yoavf; I hadn’t updated the page because I didn’t like the layout, but I can’t see how to show you the page without saving it at least as a draft, so I’ve gone ahead and done that. The draft now shows as my home page, which doesn’t make me particularly happy, so I hope we can fix it soon!

    The html (if it helps) for the first row of the table is:
    <table border=”1″>
    <td><img class=” wp-image-337 alignleft” title=”turbine-solar” src=”” alt=”Turbine/Solar collage” width=”248″ height=”168″ /></td>

    • Wind. Solar. Micro-hydro.
    • Grid-tie systems
    • Off-grid systems

    and then the other rows continue from there with the same code.



    I should add that ideally I’d like a table with four sections, two rows and two columns, with an image and the related text below each image, in each cell. Then instead of a long table it would be a double stack, which would require less scrolling down the page. If you can help me figure that out as well that would be awesome!!



    I see now – you’ll need to overwrite quite a few of the theme default css rules to make it look like you want.

    This can be done with the Custom Design upgrade:

    I’ve reverted your page to yesterday’s revision so that it looks better for now.

    Let us know if you decide to get the upgrade and need any help with the specific css changes.



    Hi yoavf – Thanks for the info, I’m not sure about the upgrade but I’ll look into it. In the meantime, does this mean that the draft that I’d made with the table deleted?



    Hi there,

    You can manage page or post revisions by following these guides:

    As Yoav mentioned, you might want to look into the Custom Design upgrade, if you want to make changes to your site’s appearance:

    To learn more about working with CSS, see here:

    Finally, you may want to try out our own CSS forum, here:



    Hi – Thanks for the tips, I wasn’t keen on the css upgrade but I did manage to rework the table so that it’s 2-up, 2-down and fits rather neatly. Or at least I think so now, we’ll see if I still think so in a few more weeks. Anyway, thanks again!



    Chrisrudzki, thanks for the info on the page revisions–that was a module I didn’t have activated on my dashboard and I had no idea how useful it would be. Thanks again to you both!



    Happy to help! Let us know if you have any other questions :)

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