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    Does anybody know if there is a way to delete a blank space at the bottom of this table?
    It contains images with captions.

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    That’s because the theme specifies excessive bottom margins for captioned images. You need to view the source code of the page, copy the actual codes for image+caption, paste them in place of the caption shortcodes, and override the bottom margin in the div for the image+caption group. To spare you of the trouble, your table should be this:

    <div id="attachment_69" class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="margin-bottom:0;width:210px;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="size-full wp-image-69" src="" alt="Autoprotolyse_eau" width="200" height="51" /></a>
    <p class="wp-caption-text">DisociaciĆ³n da auga</p>
    <div id="attachment_71" class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="margin-bottom:0;width:148px;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="size-full wp-image-71" src="" alt="Autoprotolyse_eau_simplifiee" width="138" height="51" /></a>
    <p class="wp-caption-text">DisociaciĆ³n da auga (simplificado)</p>

    It would have probably been easier to upload and insert plain, no-caption, images, and add the captions as separate table cells in a second table row.



    Thank you!

    I was trying several parameters in table style by they didn’t work (eg. align=”center”). I’ll try the way you said.

    By the way, modifying ‘caption aligncenter’ could be useful in two lines image captions.

    However, deleting image captions and adding a second table row will be enough in this case.


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