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    I have created a table using coding that I have always used on a site for the last 5 years, but the formatting on my .com blog is not quite right.

    For one, there seems to be a huge amount of space from one column to the next. Why is that?

    Also, there is supposed to be space between rows that is not showing up for some reason. Why is that?

    Here is the blog draft:

    This is a sample of the coding that I am using:
    <table border=”0″ cellspacing=”2″ cellpadding=”5″>
    <h5>RELEASE DATE</h5>
    <td>July 13</td>

    The blog I need help with is



    a. Because on newer themes tables have a 100% default width.
    b. Because you’re using outdated coding.

    Study this tutorial of mine:


    Thank you.

    I looked at your tutorial and tried a few things, with unsatisfactory results. I ‘m not blaming your tutorial at all. I’m sure all I need to know is right there, unfortunately, I’m more of a visual/kinesthetic learner. All that reading was just too much for me, especially since I wasn’t understanding many of the terms.

    Please consider making a youtube video some day. :-)

    For now, I’ll have to stick to the unsatisfactory results of the table I currently have. Either that or create the table in Word, and make a jpeg image of it.



    Turn the opening table tag to this:
    <table style="width:60%;">
    Change the percentage to adjust the overall width.

    Turn every opening td tag to this:
    <td style="padding:6px 0;">
    Change the first number to adjust the vertical spacing.


    Well, that last little tidbit did the trick!!!!! That seems to be all I needed. Thank you SO MUCH. :-)

    Any idea how I can get the title “Official / Rumored Release Dates” to be closer to the table?



    You can start by removing the top padding of the first two cells. Turn the first two opening td tags to this:
    <td style="padding:0 0 6px;">

    If that’s not enough, turn the opening table tag to this:
    <table style="width:60%;margin-top:-10px;">
    Change the negative number to adjust the distance.


    Thank you. I will save this for future postings. I had to submit our post this morning, so I didn’t have time to test this.

    I really appreciate your time. :-)

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