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    Hey everybody,

    I need help on sorting out table view when it comes to mobile view, the table displays well on desktop and tablet, however when it comes to mobile view the page becomes messy and content overwright other content, everything become squashed in one place.

    try resizing the browser to see

    appreciate any help and advice.



    Hi @lmokoena7,

    The site you linked to isn’t hosted here at Instead, it’s hosted elsewhere and running on the free software available at

    (If you’re unsure about the differences between and then this guide gives a good overview.)

    These forums are intended to help folk hosted here at For help with your site, the community-run forum on is the best place to post:

    It can be notoriously tricky to make tables work well on mobile. Have you considered a plugin to help out? I found a few in the plugin repository that may help you:

    The following post also rounds up some options:

    If the above don’t help, you could consider contacting your theme’s author for further ideas:

    Hope that helps to spark some ideas. :) Thanks!

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