Table HTML formatting not recognized?

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    This has driven me crazy for a long time when putting tables on pages. It seems some table HTML formatting is not recognized? Now table formatting I’m trying to set up in a Feature Widget is not being recognized. Some formatting is stripped out when I hit save. I’m using customized Coraline theme.

    Cellpadding, cellspacing and height attributes never show. The biggest problem, as you can see in my Feature Widget right now, is alignment! I can’t get the text to start at the top of the cell no matter what I do. Currently there’s no align formatting in my html – nothing worked so I took it out and gave up. Can anyone help?

    Must tables be CSS for formatting to be recognized? Thanks …

    The blog I need help with is


    Whew! I searched the forums and found valign seems to not work in tables. ?
    Another post about this problem recommended inserting inline CSS — <td style=”vertical-align:top;”> — which I did, and that worked. The text in my table now begins at the top of the cell, and is aligned with the top of the image.

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