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Table In Sidebar

  1. Hi, just trying to set up my WP blog, Vigilance Theme, I don't have the CSS upgrade.

    I've managed to get a thumbnail table into my Sidebar and would like to nudge it further to the right to put a little more white space between it (the table) and my post.

    I was hoping I could find some HTML code that would do this, but I've looked thru many HTML tutorials and forums without success. Any suggestions? A tiny detail and it's drivin' me nuts... : (

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I doubt if it would be possible without CSS upgrade and even with CSS upgrade you may have to get help if you don't know how to do it (there's very limited help available for CSS).

  3. Add a margin on the left side of your table:
    <div style="margin-left:60px;">TABLE_CODE_HERE</div>
    Your table is 240 px wide, sidebar is 300 px wide. 60 px will push your table to the sidebar's right edge, but you can use whatever number less that 60.

  4. Tess, I can't thank you enough. Your code was perfect, your analysis of the situation was perfect-- the code did exactly what you said it would do.

    Sounds absurd, I know, but it's wonderful to have this problem solved, and to have learned a very useful bit of code-- thank you so much for your kindness and for taking the time to help me.

    P.S. I took a look at your own blog and it is VERY impressive, an extremely pleasing design-- why am I not surprised?? : )

    Thanks again, and Happy Easter!

    Cheers, Mark

  5. Hi Mark,

    You are very welcome. Thanks very much for your appreciation of the code stuff I've done to my blog! And I'm thinking your blog will be interesting as well.

    BUT :-(( sorry—

    I looked at your blog in both FireFox and Safari, and perhaps my number "60" was off by not taking your cell padding into account. Your table is sticking out over the edge on the right. Try 60-9= 50 px instead of 60. hmm… maybe even 48? Sorry. did it off the top of my head.

    Really though, if you are interested in making your blog look the way you want, and are willing to learn some html, then take a look at my mentor and friend's blog here:

    ain't no speakeasy, but tell him "1tess" sent you.


    (sorry, meant to be humorous but his blog is open to the public—I like him and he is very smart and helpful!)

  6. @Mark
    I'm so glad that the table code I created for your blog worked fine. Your attempts to Have Tess help you reposition it have resulted in it overhanging the far right hand side of the sidebar. The only way that can be addressed is to keep reducing the padding numbers until that overhanging is corrected.

  7. Hi Hi timetheif?

    I did tell Mark to reduce the number for the margin (not padding, though I guess that would work as well) to 50 px or even down to 48.

    Seems I'm invisible AGAIN???

  8. Hi Tess and TimeThief,

    First of all, thank you BOTH again: TimeThief for giving me the code I needed to place a table in the sidebar, and Tess for giving me the code to indent that table. You are both wonderfully generous and helpful.

    Secondly, I fear I owe you both an apology: as soon as I saw that Tess's code successfully indented the table, I decided to leave the "clean-up" (pulling the table back from the edge where it was dangling precariously--!) till later, knowing I'd just have to reduce the pixel count to something less than 60 (I've since done so, and believe it or not, it only took 20 pixels to roughly center the table in the sidebar-- FWIW).

    Sorry, I shouldn't have been so lazy, should have realized you both would have checked the result and tried to help me again.

    And Tess, thank you very much for pointing me towards -- I took a look and I can see that it has a tremendous amount of very helpful info, I'm sure it will be a big help to me-- thanks.

    (OK, I gotta ask: how did you put your funny "ain't no speakeasy" line in boldface?? Is that another cool HTML trick?? Inquiring dimbulbs wish to know... : )

    And if it's not too heavy: the Holy Thursday gospel message is pretty simple: Service. Thank you again, Tess and TimeThief, for really epitomizing that concept.

    Cheers, Mark

  9. @Mark
    We can use code in these comment boxes. Look below and see this: Allowed markup: a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.
    You can also put code in between backtick ( ` ) characters.

    The Strong tag is what creates bold lettering.

  10. @mark
    ain't no speakeasy in bold… Glad you understood it was a /my joke!

    code in backticks as timethief noted:
    <strong> ain't no speakeasy </strong>

    The link to Panos's blog is something you will want to bookmark. He is brilliant! You will find lots of information you did not even think about but it will be useful.

    Maundy Thursday, yes—it is interesting. I am not very clear about its meaning.

    Sorry, your link to your blog does not seem to be working right now?

  11. @Tess
    Hmmm ... that's odd because I click the link and I can view the blog. :s

  12. Ah! Many thanks, my friends-- now I can boldlygo where I was too dumb to go before-- but is that necessarily a good thing for humanity?? : )

    Panos-- hmm.. he's what--the greek god of blogging?? Sounds good! I shall definitely be checking out his extensive writings.

    Yes, I think my humble blog is accessible at the moment. But it looks so sparse and pathetic-- don't go there, it's too embarrassing!! : P

    Again, cheers and a very Happy Easter to you both.


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