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Table of Contents?

  1. peteravilasblog

    I'd like to set up a website where users can browse through a table of contents of articles and then navigate to the articles they're interested in. Can WordPress do that? I'd also like to have links at the end of an article to other relevant articles. Same question. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog in question to give you accurate help.

  3. peteravilasblog

    Any blog. I don't have one set up yet.

  4. We can use the Archives shortcode to display an complete list of all permalinked blog titles of all published posts.

    We can create a book-like structure rather than using the conventional blog structure.

    We can create a site index.

    The reason auxclass asked for a link above is simple. We don't know whether or not you are referring to a free hosted blog which we do provide support for on this forum. Or if you are referring to a install which runs on different software from ours, and for which all support is provided at
    Have you read this entry? vs Differences

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