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    I have seen blog sites with a list of some of their blogs in a table of contents form. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I created a static page and then used the archives shortcode here.



    I’m sorry about that link archives shortcode.


    I read the information on the link but the very first instruction I do not follow…It says to add a new page or post and enter into the visual editor (archives)

    I cannot figure out how to enter anything into the gray area of the visual field…



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    Is this what you have read and tried?



    I used that to make an “Archives” page on my blog. I like it.


    Yes that is the page..the very first thing they say is to go to the ‘visual’ grey area and put (archives) in but when I put my cursor in I do not get access to do any change or addition…I can just LOOK a what’s in that area not add anything???Diane


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    You can just type the shortcode word “[ archives]” (without the space) just as you would type a post or page.

    You can easily and quickly create an archive index of your blog’s posts using the [archives] shortcode. To create an archive index for your blog, simply add a new page or post and type the following shortcode into your visual editor:


    The rest of that info in that link just explains different ways one could format the archive of your blog.


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    Note that you won’t see the archive list of links on your post or page unless you preview or publish the post or page.


    If you want a more elaborate table of contents, with links to your posts divided into subjects, you might look at the tab titled “Table of Contents” at my blog. There’s no way to automatically set that up — you’ll have to do it by hand, updating it link by link as you add new posts.

    It’s a pain to create, initially, but it’s not too difficult to maintain. But if I were starting all over again, I’d probably do what most bloggers here do, and use “categories” to classify the posts by topic, and then use the Category widget to display the categories. It’s a lot easier.


    I must NOT be explaining myself well…The VISUAL field does not offer me an option to type ANYTHING into it….It is a fixed permanent gray area…If I was to put my cursor there and the ‘little hand’ showed it would say go ahead and do something but I do not get the option of typing into the gray area…What am I missing that you are trying to say? I must really be inept at comprehension.

    I clicked as though I was doing a new post and went to the gray visual area…and get blocked as far as typing anything….Sorry for confusion I seem to be causing…Diane


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    I don’t understand what the grey area you are talking about is?

    You just need to start a new post or page, just as you have been doing to make your posts (pages) in order to type in the shortcode.

    #893845 This is the link I was given and it says to go into the visual field which for me is gray in color Diane

    #893846 This is a link to show you what appears when I go to do a new post…Diane


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    I’m sorry, but we seem to be talking at cross purposes. All you need do is to open a new post (or page) as you normally do when you make a new post (or page). There should not be any sort of grey area and if there is, then it is not relevant to making a new post or page.

    As volunteers, we can not see an unpublished post:
    Can you upload a screenshot and link of the window you see, to your blog’s media library so we can see what you are looking at?


    I guess I am getting beyond my ability of expertise. I do not know how to upload a screenshot and link of the window I see…to media library…Perhaps I should not keep bothering you….Diane


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    Here is how to take a screenshot:

    Save it on your computer, then upload it to the media library, and give us the link here in these forums.

    5. Link URL – The URL/web address to which the image will be linked.

    The None button will remove the link completely.
    The File URL button will link the image to its original, full-size version.
    The Attachment Post URL button will link the image to its attachment page.

    You are not being a bother: we volunteers want to help our fellow bloggers…


    Okay so I’m word press challenge of the year…lol
    So I went to the link on how to make a screenshot…and first thing ..problem
    It states find the print screen key which I did and pressed it..nothing happened so I thought it’s okay I’ll keep going….next open your favorite image editor…that’s where I don’t follow… I use Picasa for my pictures and I went to one of my folders and pressed Control +V but nothing happened so I looked for ‘image editor’ in my computer settings and only got gobbly gook…obviously not what I want
    I think I should quit when I’ (not) ahead…I wrote procedures when I worked and thought I could follow instructions but I guess you need to be also very computer literate and that I am not….Thanks for trying but I’m just getting frustrated. I didn’t think it would be this hard to add a table of contents but it obviously is…..Diane



    The visual editor (forget about ‘grey’ for the moment) is where you type your posts and your pages. There is one for posts and one for pages. You’ve already published some pages and some posts so you know how to get to it, but just in case you’re still confused, please click the following link:

    The red arrow in it is pointing to the Visual tab of the editor. The only ‘grey’ part is the toolbar which is above the area into which you type. You don’t type into or onto the toolbar. It’s the white rectangular space below into which you type.

    You need to make sure that the Visual editor tab (the one that the red arrow points to on the page I’ve linked to for you) is clicked, as opposed to the tab next to it which is marked HTML.

    So, if you want an archive (list of posts) on a page in your blog, you’d go to your dashboard and look at the left side of it til you see ‘Pages’. Click on ‘Pages’ and you’ll see ‘Add New’. Click ‘Add New’. That will take you to the editor for adding a new page.

    In the space where you’d normally write text for a new page, type this, exactly as I’ve typed it:


    then click the ‘Publish’ button for that page, as you would for publishing any other page.

    When it’s published, just go to that page the same way you’d access any other pages in your blog and you’ll see a complete list of your blog posts. You won’t see the list in the editor, only on the published page.

    If that really doesn’t work, then you’ll have to try the screenshot route, so let’s see if I can help you with that:

    First of all, to get the screenshot key on your keyboard to work, you usually need to hold down the shift key at the same time. You must have what it is you want to take a screenshot of, on your screen when you do it.

    Next you need to open an image editor. This is not an image program such as Picasa – that’s for storing photos. If you use Windows the simplest thing to use is Paint. (If it’s not already on your desktop, then to get to Paint, click the start button bottom left on your computer, click ‘All Programs’ or whatever usually shows you the list of programs you have on your computer. Then usually you’ll find it in the ‘Accessories’ submenu. (If you use a Mac then someone else will have to help you with what you can use instead of Paint).

    An image editor is simply a program that deals with graphic images into which you can draw and paint or adjust images. For instance, if you had a photo that you wanted to make brighter or smaller or rotate, you’d put it into an image editor to do so.

    Once you’re in Paint (or similar, depending on your computer’s operating system) either hold down the Control key (on your keyboard it’s usually key at the bottom and on the left) and at the same time hold down the ‘V’, that pastes it into the Paint window. If you prefer, look at the top of Paint’s window and you’ll see ‘Edit’. Click that and you’ll see ‘Paste’. Click that and the screenshot will appear in Paint’s window. Click ‘File’ (next to ‘Edit’) and then click ‘Save’ and save it to somewhere on your computer where you’ll be able to find it again easily. From there, get it into your media library (your blog’s dashboard, then look down the left side and you’ll see ‘Media’ and a sub menu will show you ‘add new’. Here’s the page on adding media:

    When it’s in the library, go your dashboard, to Media – Library, then hover your cursor over the area near the picture’s icon and you’ll see a link marked ‘View’. Click that and it’ll take you to the page where the screenshot is.

    Then just come back to the forum and give the URL (web address) of where in your media library you’ve posted the screenshot. The URL will be in the address bar of your computer. (If that’s confusing at all, the way to find the URL is to look an the address at the top of your computer’s window when you’re on the page you want. For instance, if you look at the address area at the top of this page you’re currently in, here in the forum, you’ll see the URL is:

    that’s the area where you should see the URL for your screenshot when you’re on its page in the media library. So, to get an URL, just put your cursor over the screenshot URL, click and drag your cursor over the whole of it from start to finish (all the text of it) and then hold down these keys on your keyboard: Control and C. Then come back to the forum, post a new comment in this topic and press Control and V (which will paste it in).

    I hope that helps. It’s tough when you’re new to something. I sympathise.


    absurdoldbird..and all the others who tried to help me with Table of Contents.. I have decided that I just can’t get it “all” I got some of it especially the last help I got but in trying to make some things better I just made others worse..and I don’t think that I will continue at least not right now …I’ll wait a bit and look into it later when I have more experience… Thank you all so much for trying to help me……you are the best..Diane

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