Table right side extending too far, bad display

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    (please forgive my english, it’s not my first language)

    Problem is on this free hosting page :

    As you can see the table merges with the blog right sidebar.

    I can create a table, change its colors, borders, left margin… but no matter what I tell it to do (either table width or margin-right) the right side of the table always extend until the border of what seems to be the content DIV.

    I’ve tried HTML, I’ve tried CSS style in the table tag, I’ve tried putting the table in a DIV with a certain width…

    It’s like some higher power that I don’t know off orders it to be so.

    (I’m not an expert in HTML and CSS but I know a few things and I can read and copy-paste code…)

    Any idea why it is this way (I’m interested, it’s always good to learn) ?

    Any solution (I’m even more interested) ?

    Thx for your help

    The blog I need help with is


    The table won’t fit in your main column because a) the contents are too wide at the default font-size and b) the theme specifies excessively large left and right padding for each cell. For starters, change the opening table tag from this:
    <table style="border:1px etc etc
    to this:
    <table style="font-size:90%;border:1px etc etc

    and change each opening td tag from this:
    to this:
    <td style=”padding:6px 10px;”>`


    Sorry, to this:
    <td style="padding:6px 10px;">


    You can also hide the sidebar, only if you like at a specific page that you want. Look this image to see what i mean: Remember this feature is only at Pages, not at posts.

    I hope i help!



    Worked like a charm.

    Problem solved and another lesson learned (two lessons actually: the “nosidebar tip” might be useful too).

    Thank you very much. :D

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