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  1. can we have simple tables interface?
    preferably with the ability to keep the borders invisable.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. strongly concur. Wouldn't it nice to have a "Insert Table " button on the post/page visual editor , just like many desktop blog editors have?.
    it would be easier then having to type in HTML tags for a table.
    Good suggestion.

  3. If you have a PC - Windows Live Writer will do tables. I use tables on my site for How To Do It articles - once I got the first table set up I copy and paste in the html editor mode - sort of a rough workaround but works for me.

  4. @auxclass but you can't get rid of the border, even using html code.

  5. @ eyalniv are you aware the some of the code syntax for table borders has changed in the move to HTML 5?

  6. great tip!
    but i think an interface could still be nice. :)

  7. If you use windows live writer as your offline blog editor there is a built in HTML table feature.

  8. OOPS! I didn't read the whole thread - sorry for the redundancy. :(

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