tables – best use / how to optimize /good examples?

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    looking for examples for good use of tables – in regards to format and features – in sites
    also is there a way to add horizontal scrolling by placing it with other html?
    I assume sorting is out of the question if a site (vs .org).
    Any other other table tips worth knowing ?
    my theme is INove

    The blog I need help with is


    Horizontal scrolling is #3 in the top ten things people hate most on the web.

    As far as tables go, if you have need for a table in order to properly present information in a post or page, then use it.


    This site has been mentiones inhere sometimes:


    This one makes tables thta looks better:



    hi universalgeni
    These are great. I appreciate the info and your time. I am now thinking some more (dangerous) and I am wonder now has anyone found ways to go beyond this?
    Are there was to give the user to manipulate the data view – doing sorting filtering etc or am I stuck if I have to stay with (vs .org) (I figured maybe I could have multiple tables each with its own specific sort with links to them … a kluge I dont want to implement given what is available in real widgets )

    I also think now I can use the google spreadsheet to maintain my data as new data is found. From the spread I can then seamlessly get clean html table code ( better the the verbose junk from MS excel) I then can then us the tweets & the good examples refenced by universalgeni and put updated table on site


    This isn’t what you asked for but do you know Hans Rosling and his animated statistics?

    You can make your own here:


    Here’s one about crime and immigration in Sweden:


    Also supports LaTeX:


    To be able to sort or manipulate data, the data would have to be in a database such as MySQL, and then you would have to use PHP scripting, or perhaps javascript to access and manipulate that data. None of that is possible at wordpress.COM.

    You could of course do it with a self-hosted wordpress blog as long as you had a good knowledge of MySQL and an appropriate scripting language. It would also be recommended that you are very familiar with the security issues involved and knew how to avoid them since you could open a huge door for hackers very easily.

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