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table's grid invisible

  1. When I input a table w/ html code, the table's grid is not visible, why?

    How to input a table with grid line?

  2. All you should have to do is add a 'border=1' within the top table tag. At least that's what normal html would be.

    Have you tired that?


  3. yeah. of course I tried.

    The grid is visible in editor window, but after posted, the line is missing.

    can you show me an page with correct table?

    anyway, your help is appreciated!

  4. The system is probably stripping out the "border" tag along with the other formatting. That's a guess, but based on all other formatting being stripped like inline styles for security reasons.

  5. yeah. of course I tried.

    I politely point out that you did not state that you had tried that in your post. If you knew anything about customer support, you would realize that you always have to make sure the simple solutions are checked off first. Sort of like the "My TV won't work/ Is it plugged in?/ Oops" questions one has to deal with. I don't know what your experience with html is so I had to make sure that the simple stuff was taken care of first.

    Now then, I just tried a table on my blog at it worked fine. You can see it here. I have a border on it.

    My guess is the theme that you are using is stripping it out for some reason.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Dr. Mike,

    You are right, I tried your theme and could find the grid line. So, it is theme Regulus 2 which stripes out the grid line.

    Sorry for not providing enough info in initial post. There are different assumption for guys of different computer knowledge levels. You are so nice.


  7. Not a problem.

    You may want to submit feedback and point this out to the staff. Sounds like a quick easy fix of something the theme author had forgotten.


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