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    I’m trying to put in tables that I created in Word, and when I insert them they show up with goofy looking spaces between all the lines and it takes up a huge amount of space. I just wanted a small table inserted into the middle of the text. Does allow you to do this? Any workarounds other than just posting a picture? Thanks in advance for your help.


    Well, you can do it, but trying to do it from stuff you created in word is a really bad idea.

    Doesn’t the wysiwyg thingie have buttons for tables?



    I’ve got exactly the same question — my table is created in Excel and recreating it by hand I’d rather not do. I’ve tried copying the table directly, I’ve tried turning it into a jpeg or gif and inserting (doesn’t work either), turning it into HTML and copying that (also doesn’t work). This must be a common problem. HELP both FROMROBINTO and me.



    Here is a very basic guide. Maybe you can go on from there.



    Word? Yeeuck!

    Excell? Yeeuck!

    That’s your number one and two problem, stay away… far away. They were never meant to be used for html editing.

    The above noted “guide” may help but keep in mind no matter how well that conversion works it may look like sh*t because of the support, or lack there of, in your themes style sheet.


    And since you can’t edit that stylesheet, nor can you get inline css to display, you’re probably up a creek with the proverbial lack of locomotion as far as displaying tables correctly.

    [And to answer my own question, no, the fancy-dancy editor doesn’t have buttons for tables…. sorry about that red herring.]

    But here’s a possible workaround: set up your table in a plain page (word or excel, whatever), select it, copy it, paste it into a graphics program, and save it as a jpg, then upload normally (or as normally as that gets, anyway).

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