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    @ Panos… Is there a work-around to hide the lines? The blog is in its infantcy as yet…

    The blog I need help with is


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    You have to specify border:0 none for the table, and for each of the cells:

    <table style="border:0 none;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td style="border:none;">TEXT</td>
    <td style="border:none;">TEXT</td>


    Thank you 1Tess, it works a charm……I’ve buggered it all up but I’ll get there :)


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    You are welcome.

    If you are switching between the html and visual editors, sometimes, for no reason I can explain, WordPress will eliminate the “border:0 none” code.

    Let us know if you need more help!


    I all is good except the chocolate one is above the rest they are all none aligned? Thank you for your patience x


    Thank you so very much 1tess x


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    Good. Looks fine now.

    Sometimes (especially if pictures or text is not all the same height) I add
    to the td style.



    Hi there. Vertical Align is again driving me crazy…. in Twenty Eleven this time.

    I am trying to align 2 cells in the same row on the bottom or the baseline and I just seem to be able to…. After seeing this forum post, I wrote:

    < td style=”vertical-align:bottom;” > without the spaces of course, and it didn’t work, the graphic keeps going above 10 kms above the text! I am trying to do this for a footer widget, but it doesn’t work in a page either.

    Can you help me please? (I know I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what).



    Correction, the second paragraph should be:

    I am trying to align 2 cells in the same row on the bottom or the baseline and I just don’t seem to be able to…. After seeing this forum post, I wrote:


    Link to the post or page in question please.



    Sorry, it was a test/private blog, I’ll open it for a while. The table is in the footer widget.


    Modified code:

    <table style="border:none;padding:0;">
    <td style="vertical-align:bottom;padding-right:10px;">
    <img style="margin-bottom:-3px;" src="" alt="Solidaridad logo" width="150" />
    <td style="vertical-align:bottom;">Calle Leopoldo Navarro N° 61, Edificio San Rafael, 6to. Nivel, Ensanche Miraflores
    Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
    Tel. (809) 534-2105 | Fax: (809) 689-8855 | (email redacted)</td>


    Or do you want line breaks after “Miraflores” and “Dominicana”?


    Plus I am confused as to the image size: you had inserted a 150px wide version of the image at a width of 93px. Which one of the two do you want?



    Wow! It worked like a charm! Thank you SO much, Panos!

    As I said, it is a test blog, the text is not final yet. Regarding the image width, 93-95 is fine, it is just I wasn’t sure if I should get rid of the automatic WP code or not. Now I can see I can. I would have never thought of the “-3px” trick! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


    You’re welcome!
    The negative margin is just for fine-tuning. The main problems were the other stuff I pruned or changed.
    By the way, you’ll get better image quality if you create a thumbnail version of your image in an image editing application, upload that version via Media > Add New, and use the URL you’ll get. See here:



    Thank you for the bonus tip! I am impressed by the third image, without the width and height codes!

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