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    I would like to make a table on this page with images on one side and their testimonials beside them. The images aren’t on the page yet.

    I’m having issues because all of the images are different sizes – I’d like to keep them consistent.

    Any help on this matter or a link to a post where this question is answered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    What does “consistent” mean? Same width?


    Sorry – yes same width and height.



    @justpi @arianna
    Feedback on display. re: Using Firefox 20 the text is buted right against the sidebar with no padding or spacing and looks like it’s about to slide under it. It’s all in ugly bold lettering and the font is navy blue in color which clashes with the blog colors.



    If the images have varying aspect ratios, they can’t show up as same width and height except if you distort them. I sure hope you don’t want that, so first you need to reconsider: if they have varying aspect ratios, you should first crop them in an image editing application so that they all have the same aspect ratio (say make all of them all square or all of them in a 3/4 width/height proportion) or content yourself with same width only (same width is more important when it comes to a column of images with texts next to them).

    In case this is all Greek to you, paste here the URLs of a couple of your images so I can see what they look like.



    @TT: Yes, because Arianna has probably copypasted the content from a Word doc or something like that.



    It’s ugly and needs major TLC. Frankly, I think that theme is ugly too but that’s just me and beauty is in the eye the beholder.

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