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    i can’t find feedback section for suggestions. Does anyone else require the simple ability to table – as in any leading wordprocessor- when creating posts.

    Its so easy to arrange text and photos then.


    The blog I need help with is


    Tables are on their way out I’m afraid since they do not work for screen readers for visually impaired persons. The whole web is moving away from tables.

    That said, they have their uses and I would like to see table features in the editor as well.

    This is as good of place as any to make your suggestion and I’ll add my voice as well.

    I’ll point out though that there is a plethora of online HTML table generators out there on the internet. I just go to one of them, create the basic structure I need, copy the generated code, paste it into the HTML tab and then add my stuff.

    One note though on the table generators. There are some of the styling attributes for tables that are now depreciated, but the table generators have not yet caught up with that, so they most likely will require editing and changing of some of the attributes over to inline CSS styling rather than the old depreciated attributes.


    Oh, and one other thing. If you are on Windoze, you can download and use the Windows Live Writer blog client. It is very MS Word like and has great table features. They too though have not caught up with the depreciated attributes, so there still might be some tweaking of the code required.



    I think that it is a great simplification to say that tables are on their way out. I think that the only certain thing is that tables used for page layout is on the way out. These are the ones that cause so much trouble to screen readers.

    Tables for data that should naturally be represented on a grid are another matter. I understand that screen readers now have facilities to help users interpret these (like “tell me the column header and first row value). Looking at things like Wikipedia articles shows you the power of tables with JavaScript sortable columns


    Which is why I said this

    That said, they have their uses and I would like to see table features in the editor as well.

    Tables for content though, and just as bad as tables for layout. They screw up screen readers.

    And as far as javascript sorted tables here at wordpress.COM, pigs will have wings before that happens I would bet.

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