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    One of the tabs (called “resources”) gives an error which states that the page cannot be found. How are the links to these tabs set? The theme is “Regulus” if that helps.



    I see your resources page fine. Is your error page created by your browser or is it wrapped around the wordpress theme? Either way I would try clearing out your browser cache and trying doing a forced reload of your page. (CTRL-F5 on a PC)

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    I now have my “resources” tab pointing to the correct resources page. That was my real problem previously.

    However my “what’s on” tab points to my most recent post (about a community meeting) and not to the actual “What’s on” page.

    I am not sure how this tab function works.

    Where can I look to finding documentation for this function?



    All those tabs are are your Pages. You can see them at Dashboard -> Manage -> Pages and you create them at Dashboard -> Write -> Write Pages.

    Docs are linked to in the FAQ at th head of these forums.

    You’re “What’s on” link is actually pointing to your latest posts. You may want to take a look at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading as it appears your have set a Page (Note the capital P in there) as your home page as well as another Page as where you want your Posts listed.

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