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    A lot of the posts I write have indents, tabs, and extra returns between some paragraphs.

    And however much I try, I CANNOT seem to get these to “stick” to my blog. I’ve even tried doing SPACESPACESPACESPACE instead of “tab”, but no dice.

    Not even the extra returns make it into the final blog.

    I’ve tried going from Word to Text Edit, and removing ALL formatting, and then importing into HTML (not visual), and even though it LOOKS right… it reverts right back to slam-left, single spaced.

    I’m sure this is something simple I’m just overlooking… but… HELP!?




    No it’s not something simple. The wp editor won’t accept extra spaces, blank lines etc. You need html codes.

    For retaining such formatting of pre-formatted text:
    <pre style="font:inherit;">TEXT_HERE</pre>
    For first line indentation:
    <p style="text-indent:.5in;">TEXT_HERE</p>
    For hanging indentation (all lines but the first):
    <p style="margin-left:.5in;text-indent:-.5in">TEXT_HERE</p>
    (In both codes you can use a smaller number instead of 5.)

    For an extra blank line:
    For increasing the distance between lines:
    <span style="line-height:1.4;">TEXT_HERE</span>
    (1.4 is an example – can be any number.)

    For extra spaces:
    &nbsp; &nbsp;
    (repeat ad libitum.)

    For extra spaces between all words of a section:
    <span style="word-spacing: 32">TEXT_HERE</span>
    (Again you can change the number.)



    If you do paste from Word or any word processer for that fact, you will get all kinds of weirdness happening on your blog. You should use the “Paste from Word” button or if you have already pasted, highlight all the text in that post in the Visual Editor and then hit the button for “Remove Formatting”.



    Wow… thanks for the suggestions. Seems like I got some ‘learnin’ to do :)


    A note on Jennifer’s remarks:

    – The “Remove Formatting” button strips out much but not all extraneous code.

    – Word and other MS applications seem to be the problem, not all word processors (and again possibly only in PCs): I’ve never had such complications with my Mac’s Text Edit OR with Word, and other members in the forum say that in PCs Notepad and Live Writer are also ok.



    I stand corrected panaghiotisadam. Personally I use EditPad Classic, which is basically Notepad on steroids.

    FWIW-LiveWriter is not a word processor, but a cross-platform blogging tool. I’d probably use it more if it recognized that FIREFOX is my default browser, and not IE.

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