Tag & link managment! (long read beware!)

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    So when we click on Dashboard –> Manage we see a whole bunch of pages where we are able to …well manage! (I.e. all our posts, pages, categories, uploads and the import/export stuff)

    Now this surely has been suggested but:
    1. What about tag managment! This surely is needed.
    2. What about ‘Link managment’. (All the links that you have posted within your posts/pages all in one page. This will be great to make sure you dont link to the same people a million times, to have a look for the links and manage/modify/remove them without having to scourge through your massive blog, etc etc…)
    3. More themes (I just thought id give a gentle reminder)
    4. The ability to pick tags you have used previously in future posts from a list (just how you can do this for the category) or from anywhere else.

    5. Not an idea but an observation: Ive noticed that when I go to Dashboard —> Tag Surfer I am able to search for tags that I have made and my own…. Now if I was to remove the tags and then place my own (i.e. ones I never used before but topics I am interested about anyway), thats all great…. However, the tag’s that I used and were not there previously get placed in my “categories” (i.e. I can pick those tags as categories?!? Even though I thought of those topics as tags) (If this wasn’t clear, ask and ill give a better example)…

    Anyway I wanted to put this as a feedback suggestion to the wordpress staff, but I am never able to see them “open” (Mainly due to the fact that I live on the other side of the world).. So hopefully they will see this idea here…. If not, feel free for anyone else to post this to them as feedback for what you would want for the futurw wordpress updates..

    Any comments/suggestions/agreements/disagreement? more than welcome :D

    So anyway I am going to shutup now, because if I type up one more word the internet is going to explode. (Not to mention my keyboard HA!)



    Ugh for point number 2: where I said “people” I meant other websites/other blogs…. Don’t confuse with me thinking of the “blogroll” feature which is great for managing your blogroll…




    No one? :(



    I don’t use tags, so I don’t have much to contribute. What do you mean by “tag management,” for example?

    Staff doesn’t really use the forum for dialogue. It’s better for getting the opinions of other bloggers.


    1. Tag Management will land, I’m sure. It’s in WP 2.5 and I already tested it on a WP.org blog. We’ll have to wait until Automattic feels like pushing the new code into WP.com.
    2. I’m not that much of a coder but this sounds like it requires some heavy crunching on the server’s part
    3. We’re all eagerly waiting
    4. As pint 1., it will come with all the 2.5 goodness
    5. Care to elaborate? I don’t get your point, sorry.


    Raincoaster: Ah ‘tag managment’ is like the ‘category page’ found somewhere in our dashboard, where you can do things to the tags and see all of them on one page all at once… instead of having to go to individual articles to edit them. Oh, I saw staff post here on the forums from time to time, that’s why I thought they might have a look at it/comment/say theyll think about it that kind of thing… but yeah, hearing what other people have to say will be good as well :)

    Deltafoxtrot: Cool cool! Geat to hear that 1,3 and 4 are going to arrive soon :)

    May I ask what did you mean about point 2(my reference to having a page for all the links you have made)? (Too much for the servers to handle?)

    I’ll give you an example of point 5:

    Say I make a new blog. I post on it and make an article about DOGS. So I type it out, add a pic and put it under no category but I tag it as “Dogs”. I publish it then go along and click on the “Tag surfer”… There I can see people talking about “Dogs” due to the tag that I used on my first post.

    Now, If I delete that tag from the “tag surfer” (but it still stays on my article as a tag) I will have a blank page on the “tag surfer” page…. Now let’s say I type in “CATS” in the tag surfer…… All of a sudden all these articles about ‘cats’ come up…..

    Now I decide to myself, Ok I am going to write another blog. So I click on new post, then I start typing up a article about another Dog… So I finish typing it up, put in another ‘dog’ tag and NOW however when I look at the category list… I can see an option for “cats”…… Even though I had no intention to write about it and put it under the ‘cat’ category…

    So what happened to me was.. I searched all these random things on the tag surfer… when I went to make another post, I had at least 20 categories that I was confused at where they came from (because before that I had 3/4)….

    Sooooooooooo it’s not a catastrophe/major bug…. but I thought id just like to point it out, so as the tags you use on tag surfer dont get themselves implemented as categories…

    Ok I think I need to lie down…
    Cheers :)



    2) To list all those links, the software needs to index them and put the appropriate information in a database. That’s some server load. And it needs to change all affected entries when you change a link. Apart from that one may not want to change all instances of a link for whatever reason. A safeguard for that case would complicate the feature.

    5) I get it: Subscribing to a tag in the tag surfer creates a category by the same name. That’s a bug for sure.



    For number 2: Aaahhhh didn’t think it would seem so complicated but you made a valid point :)….. I will ask for the feature again maybe in WordPress 4.5 :)

    for 5: Hehe yeah, I guess no one bothered to say anything about it as people might use cats/tags interchangably…. Anyway maybe someone should submit it to wordpress via an email (I would do it, but I am never able to get to wordpress during their contact hours due to other comitments like sleeping and uni hehe..)


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