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    I understand that I can put a Tag into my site. I am just learning about this and have yet not done any however my blog states indicates I have 5 tags. Has someone else tagged me on their site. I don’t understand.



    Catgeories are pretty much the same as tags around here. You use them to index your posts.

    Which site are we talking about? If this one, if you haven’t created any tags or categories, you should just have two listed, Blogroll and Uncategorized. You can check your categories at Dashboard -> Manage -> Categroies. What are you showing there?



    Since you ask if anyone has “tagged you” are you referring to links to your blog?



    I don’t think so. That’s actually a ‘Tags’ count on the Stats page.



    Duh, of course there is, I totally forgot. There are so many “tagging” things going on (are they memes?) and they very much confused me at first.


    Thats it drMike. On the Stats Page it shows 5 Tags. Thats what I don’t understand. What does that mean? What is it counting? I haven’t put on a tag as far as I am aware. The site is judicreations.wordpress.com.

    drMike you also clicked on CranberryBlossom which is an additional site to judicreations. The one you clicked on is blank…how can I get rid of that one and just keep the other one?



    I have answered you in the other thread you posted.

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