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    Someone has just tagged me and wants me to post a response to a question on my blog. I have looked at the documentation but can’t figure out how to do this. Can anyone help me?



    there’s nothing you have to do except reply to his post in your own blog, and perhaps link back to his post so your readers know the reason you’re posting it.



    Tags for these things are good because you essentially get to talk about yourself off the top of your head and it still counts as a blog post. Don’t reply in the comments, except maybe to leave a link to the actual blog post where you’ve replied.

    Also, people who read your blog like to know about you. These posts can be quite popular. Just remember (like I didn’t!) to list who you’re tagging next and link to them in the post, so you share the luv. Then people can watch how the meme spreads and see what you have in common with other people.

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