Tag added in url – why???

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    My problem is that if I give a link in my post pointing to a static page of my blog, when clicking on the category, it adds a “tag/” to the url… so, to be clear:
    if I have a page “drama” under the parent page “courses”, in the post I type in as hyperlink: “courses/drama”. I add the category tag: “courses”. But when I click on “courses” in the category list, and read the post where the link is given, the url changes to “tag/courses/drama”… why does it happen, and how can I solve this problem? Thank you for any help in advance!!!



    Please provide the complete code that you are trying to add in.



    Oh, sorry, it must have been something like a UFO writing (I’m a newbie, sorry :) So, I use this in my post, eg:

    To download the course description, click here.

    and when you want to access the link by clicking on the courses tag (I forgot to add that it is tagged “courses”), the link changes in the post itself to “here.” (In the meantime I simply deactivated the hyperlink as I got many reports from my students who wanted to download the material.

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