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    I’m new to WordPress, so I need some help. I have numerous tags that are not showing up in my tag cloud on my main page. I personally really like the idea of a tag cloud so I was wondering why some of my tags on posts go on there and some do not. Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is abneranecdotes.wordpress.com.



    The tag cloud only shows the 45 most used tags.


    I am having the same problem. http://www.fitforreallife.wordpress.com I have less than 45 tags, yet it does not show them all. Why would it not show all the tags until you reach 45?



    I’m also new but I think you need to feed tag cloud. the widget doesn’t pick up th emost used tag in your post. You go in post/ post tags and tags you want to get appeared in your tag cloud.


    @gaelle231: No. The tag cloud shows the 45 most used tags, as husdal said. See identical staff response here:


    It’s just that the tag cloud takes some time to update: kgconsulting1’s sidebar displays all her tags now.


    thank you for your comment, panaghiotisadam, it is reassuring to know that I’m on the right path with the building of my blog! Sometimes you want to know you’re heading the right direction!


    You’re welcome!



    My blog is definitely only using the first 45 tags, won’t update now, so the tag cloud is out of date. The point of blogging is to be constantly updating!! Any tips? http://theblogofkevin.wordpress.com/

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