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tag-cloud as widget?

  1. courseofmirrors

    I can't seem to make a tag cloud appear in the widget space. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It appears that you are only using one tag "Home".

    I think the widget needs more than one tag to work.

  3. courseofmirrors

    I'm probably did this wrong. I had gone to post tags, entered 7 tags and did bulk action. Nothing showed up on the side bar.

  4. courseofmirrors

    When I pull 'tag cloud into the widget space in only says 'Tag'

  5. courseofmirrors

    airoodyssey, thanks for the link, I'll study it :)

  6. courseofmirrors

    sorted, thanks for all your help :)

  7. Glad I could help :-)

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