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    Can somebody answer why the tag cloud is limited to 45 items? If the reason is aesthetic, then why not let blog owners be the judge of that ourselves.

    I can see good reasons why somebody might want to limit their tag cloud to a smaller number than 45. I can also see that a static home page made of a large tag cloud numbering over 45 tags might be a beautiful and non-linear approach to a reading experience. In my blog — Sly Uses: Having my way with Ulysses, some of my favorite topics (quadrature of the circle, holy mother public relations inc., retrospective arrangement, symmetry) would only surface if I had more than 50 tags. I can’t imagine a reason why my readers would type any of these words phrases into a search on their own, so these topics stay buried unless I artificially inflate them, demoting others.

    In searching support and forums, I cannot find why the tag cloud limit should exist.

    The blog I need help with is slyuses.com.

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