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Tag Cloud Format Question

  1. I'm really new to all of this...

    Why do I see tag clouds on other blogs that have the words engulfed in what literally does look like a cloud, but when I do a tag cloud widget, mine just show in a long list format?

  2. that doesn't sound like a tag cloud. sometimes bugs happen; maybe you could try setting your categories widget again and see if it works this time.

  3. /nod to sulz

    The size of the fonts that the tag cloud widget displays are adjustable. You can click on the blue and white icon on the top right hand corner of the tag cloud widget, open it and adjust the maximum and minimum font sizes.

    Setting that aside, please tell us what the url for your blog is. Then we can look at your tag cloud widget display and understand exactly what you mean.

  4. Could it be theme-specific? Mine just show in a list as well, although the fonts are different sizes.

  5. @Vivian
    Maybe you're right. I have never noticed a tag cloud that was a list before.

    Which theme are you using?

  6. masterclasslady

    I like the list. It is similar to WordPress' tag list on the forum main page. I wish I could find a way of organizing my Tag Cloud as you did, Vivian. Maybe it's theme specific?

  7. Hmm, the html code says she's using the tag cloud widget...

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