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    I’ve released my program for generating tag clouds like this one.

    Tag Cloud Generator for WordPress.com.

    Leave a comment on that post if you have any issues. Windows only (although unix guys can grab the source, it’s Perl/Tk).



    manual synchronizing?



    It’s for WordPress.com

    I thought about using XMLRPC to update automatically, but I think that would have been even more confusing than “cut-and-paste into a new post/page”.



    Slick work, engtech!


    It looks sooooooooooo great!

    A couple of suggestions based on my experience:

    Can you include the “http://” in the input window by default? New users might be thrown by having to add it on their own.

    Can you hide the password?

    Will the information be saved for the next session update or will everything need to be re-entered?

    When I clicked on the “I have the Custom CSS upgrade” the notepad file presented was confusing because it seems two steps are included before the CSS upgrade cutting and pasting and then step two is included after the CSS step — which is clearer and where it belongs, I believe to create the code for the actual page. That might also confuse users as well.

    Thanks for the great work! Your redacted Spam viewer is fab-o, too!



    very nice. your contributions to the community are invaluable.



    This is just too cool. The no plugin plugin. How did he do that:) Sadly I am on Linux….


    programs like this that don’t require installation usually run just fine in WINE…

    otherwise, @engtech- will this run on a webhost that has PERL?



    WINE? Blimey. There are no Windows apps needed here at all. Until now. :)



    @atthe404: it works on linux.. run it with perl. Might need to install a lot of modules though. Not for the faint of heart :)

    – including HTTP:// is a good idea
    – password only displays when you look at it, it is rot13’d in the config file. I thought about encrypting it, but honestly it is less work for me when the user can see that they typed the password wrong :)
    – all settings are saved
    – I’ll fix the text to make it clearer



    One thought.. maybe I shouldn’t save the password to disk?

    I might make that a “convience” advanced option… so by default don’t save, and the power users who don’t care can force it to save the password.



    engtech —

    Excellent! Thanks for all your responses.

    I don’t care about saving the password or not. When I run these sorts of programs I always set a dummy password before — run the program — then change back to a regular password later.



    @boles: so that’s why I can’t log in to your account




    Harr! Now that’s funny! I’m sure the rest of the world is scrambling to change their password RIGHT NOW!



    this is excellent… Thank you so much engtech



    Deleted spam posts and engtech’s response. (No offense, engtech)


    I’ve a problem. I’m using now WinXP, and when i use you program (congratulations!! :-) ), y get this archive (i’ve CSS upgrade), but without cloud’s information:

    Only use this file if you have the CSS upgrade on WordPress.com.
    Otherwise use the tagcloud.html file.

    Grab the CSS between the STYLE tags and put it into your custom style sheet.

    Dashboard->Presentation->Edit CSS

    Grab the following text and put it into a blog post/page
    using the CODE EDITOR not the VISUAL EDITOR.

    When creating/editing the post use the CODE tab, not the VISUAL tab,
    switching to VISUAL mode will keep the code from being saved properly.

    <style type=\"text/css\">
    <!-- CUT BELOW HERE -->
    span.htmltagcloud a { text-decoration:none; }

    text-align: center;
    line-height: 16px;
    span.tagcloud0 { font-size: 12px;}
    <!-- CUT ABOVE HERE -->

    Grab the following text and put it into a blog post/page
    using the CODE EDITOR not the VISUAL EDITOR.

    When creating/editing the post use the CODE tab, not the VISUAL tab, switching
    to VISUAL mode will keep the code from being saved properly.


    <!-- CUT BELOW HERE -->
    <p align=\"justify\"><span class=\"htmltagcloud\">

    <p align=\"right\">Created by WordPress.com Tag Cloud Generator by //engtech

    <!-- CUT ABOVE HERE -->


    More information:
    The log is normal, connect to blog, and download the categories:

    Enter settings and click ‘run’ to get started
    Testing http://entomoagricola.wordpress.com
    -> Can connect to blog
    Connecting to wordpress.com
    -> Login success
    Saving configuration
    Getting categories
    -> Success
    Parsing categories
    -> Success
    Writing tagcloud_css.html
    Writing tagcloud.html
    Opening tagcloud_css.html
    Closed tagcloud_css.html

    But the tagcloud_css.html archive have only the text y pasted before.
    What’s matter?




    It didn’t grab your categories.

    It’s probably because of accents in your category names. I’ll see what I can do to reproduce the problem and fix it.



    @engtech- will this run on a webhost that has PERL?

    It’ll run on anything that has perl… but there’s some modules that need to be installed for it to run. I’ll see about including them as part of the source bundle to make it not require any installation for unix as well.



    Oi, so that’s why you have more hits than me: you produce stuff everyone can use. I reserve the right to resent that, you bloody genius!

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