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Tag cloud in Mistylook theme

  1. I cannot find a solution to this problem in FAQ's or in the forum.

    I am using the Mistylook by Sadish theme and I added the tag cloud widget, but no tag cloud has ever shown up. I have been working on this off and on for a couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me how to activate the tag cloud?

  2. Mistylook has both a tag cloud and a category cloud. Are your posts tagged? What's your url?

  3. My posts are tagged and all are assigned to a category. I do not have any uncategorized posts.

    All of my posts are private. Do you think this is why nothing is showing up?

    Thanks for your response I appreciate it.

  4. @karenbush: I tried this in my test blog and, yes, it's because your posts are private.

  5. Thank you for solving that problem for me. It was pretty frustrating not to know what I was doing wrong.

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