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Tag cloud instead of category list

  1. TT, it would look as the bad as the one we have over at with my site overpowering on it's categories as does the rest of them.

  2. I thought so. ;) It seemed engtech's post just fell through the cracks so I gave it another stab. ;)

  3. Someone has created a WordPress plug-in which generates word-clouds. These are NOT tag-clouds, but they check all the content on the first page of your blog. They also provide dynamic search links.

    Personally I think this is cooler than a tag cloud because it is a more accurate reflection of the content of your site.

    This plug-in presumably only works if you have wordpress as a site editor rather than using the wordpress blogging site. I assume that it could be turned into a widget though, since it seems to work in that way.


  4. Best bet would be to send in a feedback with this suggestion

  5. I've been asking for this for a year, but still...nothing.

    Mark has told me that wordpress is trying to do something like this.

  6. Drmike, I feel really dumb here, but how do I send in a feedback?



  7. On your Dashboard towards the top right-hand corner you'll see the word Feedback. Click on it and it'll take you straight to the form for submitting info to WordPress.

  8. I wish this forum had WYSIWYG, it'd be easier for images to be posted to help show people with images. As for the tagcloud, my blog gets very long, I make up categories as I go, I could care less about sticking to 10 categories.

  9. If it had WYSIWYG it would load like a drunken sumo wrestler. I like the speed, and we have a lot of bloggers on dialup who no doubt appreciate it as well. Links is fine.

  10. wysiwyg is nothing - <i>I'm</i> on dial up a lot and frequent many forums, don't see this as an issue. To each his own, I guess.

  11. I sincerely doubt that the forums will ever be set up in such a manner that they can be spammed with images. Likewise, I sincerely doubt that our comment boxes will ever be set up to be similarly spammed.

    Getting back to the subject matter of this thread, I would like to see tag clouds on our blogs. :)

  12. Tag clouds, because of the way they display information spatially, are more intuitive to some people than hierarchical lists. As one of those kinds of people, I support tag clouds wholeheartedly.

  13. Thank you raincoaster. As I said, I feel really dumb now!

    I vote for word clouds rather than tag clouds.

    Word clouds would be adding functionality as well as presentation.

    The "categories" list already gives us a list of tags and a tag cloud would just make those prettier.

    Word clouds show the words you actually use. Say for example I tag a blog with words like "peace" "freedom" "democracy" "society" but in fact the words I use in the blog are "war" "opression" "narrow-minded" "stupidity" the word cloud will show these words because those are the words that I think with, not the words I tell people I think with.

    Of course, both tag clouds and word clouds would be voluntary, but even so, I vote for adding functinality as well as presentation.


  14. I note with interest that the WordPress Forum has a tag cloud (albeit a vertical one, so maybe a tag contrail?)

  15. Hmmmm. No sign of a feedback button - (here's a screenshot: )

    I've followed the links to "support" and asked about it there.

    We now return you to your original programming.

    Word clouds.... Tag clouds....


  16. That IS strange. Asking support is the same as using feedback, only when you use the form it gives them all the info about your system and internet connection. It should be right under your My Profile button, in a little tab.

  17. You can also email support at this domain as well. You just have to include your personal information though like your username and blog URL.

  18. It turns out the Garland theme hides the "Feedback" button. I am probably spamming the forum by posting this information here, but it is such an odd thing to happen, and such a useful little titbit to know, that it seemed polite to reply to those good folks who'd suggested it.

    I'll tiptoe out now, in case I mess up in any other way.

    Thanks for all your kindness and help everyone.


  19. I, for one, cannot stand clouds; they don't make enough sense to me. Give me an alphabetical or hierarchical list any day.

    That being said, i find aphrabehn's word cloud widget idea intriguing, if only to analyze my own thought/writing processes.

    And tag clouds should be an option, since, as DrMike said, the WP guys already seem to really like them (i'll grumble about their use of them by myself in my corner).

  20. Like judy I prefer an alphabetical or hierarchical list any day to a "tag cloud". I consider tag clouds to be messy looking and a waste of space. I avoid the use of any sidebar tat or pop-ups like "snap" on my blogs and categorize tag clouds as "tat".

    I'm for tag clouds as an option although personally I will probably never use them on my blogs. In fact I do not use the "tag cloud" on the FAQs blog. I type the key words into the search box.

  21. I know I'm late to the party but I'm chiming in anyway. Part of the reason I signed up for vs other blogging tools was the categories. But I find myself REALLY wanting to add tags. Now I know I could use the categories like tags, but I would have this unbelievably long categories list on my blog and I don't want that. The ability to add tags in addition to categories would be nice or the option to allow categories to display as a tag cloud (something like Flickr you can see your most popular but also have the option to see all tags)

  22. engtech's tag cloud generator works, but it's static; it won't update every time you make a post, you have to manually update it. I know has a nice page where she has both tag list and tag cloud.

  23. Right and it requires that I download and run a program on my computer and enter my blog password, things I'm not altogether found of (no personal offense meant engtech).

    I wish I knew what WordPress was thinking about tagging. Will they leave it as it is? Add a tagging in addition to categories option, in which case I don't want to start using my categories as tags, or allow a categories to display in a tag cloud?

  24. @rogue2408
    The only way to get an answer to your questions is to send in a feedback to staff. (The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page.) :)

  25. Looks like they have been busy behind the scenes....the tag cloud generator is now available. See they do listen to all those feedbacks ;)

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