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    Still would like the cloud as a separate widget or option in the categories widget…


    I agree. A Tag cloud widget would be cool. I would like to suggest that it not only generates a cloud of your tags but also can display the wordpress.com’s global hot tags (http://wordpress.com/tags/)
    but perhaps in a nicer format like flickrs?

    Configurability on your own tags so that you can determine the size order. Sorted on no of posts, page views, date, specified ranking etc.

    Sidebar Widget and whole page views would be useful.



    So I think it’s fair to say this is actually a post for the ideas forum as opposed to the support forum. Perhaps drmike can re-locate this thread into the ideas forum tomorrow … please.



    This is what a tag cloud would look like if you have a lot of tags:


    I have a solution that works by offline processing, I’m probably two months from releasing it to the public. Not sure how user friendly it’s going to be.



    A tag cloud is also used on the Tag System.



    I also like to have a tag cloud in my blog..
    as of now, i hav too many categories in my blog.. aniway, having categories is also good one.. Im pretty happy with that..


    indeed this should be in the ideas forum. i would absolutely love a weighted category widget, since i already use categories like tags. hell, they’re already considered tags as far as the ‘tag surfer’ is concerned.



    It is in the ideas forum. :)



    Can anyone answer the following questions for me please? In the context of my environmental blog, where the environment category tag always has the most posts and is the most weighted “tag” as are the sub-category tags beneath it, please clarify the following.
    (1) What advantage would a tag cloud display offer over the current presentation which is comprised of a listing of the number of posts in the environment category and the hierarchical listing of the number of posts in the sub-categories under environment?
    (2) Would a tag cloud style of presentation of the same “tags” occupy less space in my sidebar than the space currently occupied by the category tags(#) and sub-categories tags(#) displayed in list style format?
    (3) Are there any other tag cloud style presentation “advantages” or considerations as opposed to the category and sub-category (tag) listing presentation format that I should be cognizant of?



    first of all, sorry for my bad english
    i want to sugest something:
    it should have a way to show only the categories with more than X posts (X = number of posts that is choosed by the users)
    and the categories links could be ordered by number of posts that are included in that category, for example:
    if i choose X=20

    CatA(78) –> the first categorie to show is that with more posts

    and the other categoriers with less than 20 posts wouldnt appear

    or you could choose to show always the Y categories that have more posts
    in that case, it will show always Y categories, ordered by number of posts, and if you have more than Y categories, then the categories with less posts wouldnt appear.

    and i would apreciate if we could use tag cloud too

    i think the 2 great things about tag clouds is less space it ocupps and the diferent style it have
    but i know the categories of wordpress.org arent the same thing that tags, but there is plugins to make the categories work like the tags (tags are a litle more efficient at google for example)


    sorry for my bad english



    TT, it would look as the bad as the one we have over at daria.be with my site overpowering on it’s categories as does the rest of them.



    I thought so. ;) It seemed engtech’s post just fell through the cracks so I gave it another stab. ;)



    Someone has created a WordPress plug-in which generates word-clouds. These are NOT tag-clouds, but they check all the content on the first page of your blog. http://www.web-specialist.us/?p=24 They also provide dynamic search links.

    Personally I think this is cooler than a tag cloud because it is a more accurate reflection of the content of your site.

    This plug-in presumably only works if you have wordpress as a site editor rather than using the wordpress blogging site. I assume that it could be turned into a widget though, since it seems to work in that way.




    Best bet would be to send in a feedback with this suggestion



    I’ve been asking for this for a year, but still…nothing.

    Mark has told me that wordpress is trying to do something like this.



    Drmike, I feel really dumb here, but how do I send in a feedback?





    On your Dashboard towards the top right-hand corner you’ll see the word Feedback. Click on it and it’ll take you straight to the form for submitting info to WordPress.



    I wish this forum had WYSIWYG, it’d be easier for images to be posted to help show people with images. As for the tagcloud, my blog gets very long, I make up categories as I go, I could care less about sticking to 10 categories.



    If it had WYSIWYG it would load like a drunken sumo wrestler. I like the speed, and we have a lot of bloggers on dialup who no doubt appreciate it as well. Links is fine.



    wysiwyg is nothing – <i>I’m</i> on dial up a lot and frequent many forums, don’t see this as an issue. To each his own, I guess.

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