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    The Tag Cloud in the side bar hasn’t pick up any of the new tags from the most recent post.

    These tags are new subjects not common to previous posts and should be featured as the smallest text in the cloud.

    All of the previous posts are expressed in the cloud including those tags that are expressed for the first time as a small font.

    What does work:

    Tag Cloud: Common subjects found in multiple posts are shown as larger text.

    Tags: The tags from the all the posts, including the most recent, are shown at the bottom in their respective post.


    blog address: http://loosendsdotme.wordpress.com/blog/

    The blog I need help with is loosendsdotme.wordpress.com.



    What you describe is expected behavior. The Tag Cloud widget displays only the top 45 most used tags in the blog. The size of the font varies in accord with the number of times a tag is used. The more a tag is used the larger the size of font becomes. http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/tag-cloud-widget/



    Was aware of the point size relationship, but wasn’t aware of the top 45 limit.
    Have a good day, great year what’s left of it



    The Tag Cloud widget displays only the top 45 most used tags in the blog.

    This is not actually true; the Tag Cloud widget will only display the FIRST 45 tags used on a blog. I’ve been adding and using tags for more than 3 years and no new ones have ever appeared once the list was fully populated.



    You know what … I’ve been coming to that conclusion after creating several new posts. You’re right; thanks for the confirmation.

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