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    My tag cloud is now behaving strangely.
    The larger tags are now ‘floating’ over the smaller tags, making it very difficult to click on the one you want.

    Here’s my blog: http://wendymadeit.wordpress.com
    I’m using the Digg 3 column theme.

    I’ve read the faqs & the forums & haven’t found anyone else with the same problem…. Any ideas?


    I think that’s an internet explorer issue. Try viewing your blog in another (and better :-) browser such as Safari, Firefox etc. If you don’t have these yet, they are free and you can download them easily. Just google them.



    I’m using Firefox, and I see what she means. It’s crushing the words together, most frequently in multi-word tags.

    Even if I didn’t though, while friendly, I’ve never liked solutions that just suggest someone use different software, especially considering IE’s marketshare. In this case at least, I don’t think it’s an IE issue.

    Not that I think people should code to accommodate deficiencies in the popular software either. But still.



    One of the reasons I don’t use the tag cloud (or tags) is because you cannot adjust it. The category widget has size adjustments in it but the tag cloud does not. Try sending this issue to support. Perhaps if enough people do this, they will add the same options to the tag cloud widget as they have in the category cloud widget.


    It overlaps in Safari as well. The widget needs some loving from staff. I would send in a report on the issue to them. http://wordpress.com/contact-support/ so they can look into fixing it.



    Thanks so much!

    I will send the issue to support, now that I know I’ve not overlooked a simple solution somewhere.

    I’ll report back here if I get any resolution.

    Thanks again – very useful responses! ;)



    Here’s the support reply:


    As far as I can see in your sidebar, some links are really big, and some are smaller. But it seems like there currently only are 2 different sizes, which means that the longer you use the widget, the more the font size will even out. If you have the Custom CSS upgrade, you can add this line of CSS

    .wp_widget_tag_cloud a { line-height: 25px; }

    To even out the lines so they don’t overlap each other. It’ll make the links easier to click, but will add more spacing than necessary for sections with only smaller widgets. You can adjust the line-height by changing the pixel value, to for example 20px.

    Hope this helps.


    So, I’m guessing that as my blog grows, it should resolve itself… hmmm..



    Well, it’s starting to even out a little more… still have some huge words that don’t sit well.


    It appears to me, they want you spend some money and upgrade!



    Hmm, Engtech designed a static tag cloud which you might want to use. It’s somewhere over on http://internetducttape.com and he did iron out those kinds of errors.

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