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    I’m having some problems with the new tag cloud widget which I didn’t have with the category widget. For some reason I get the Not Found-page when I click a tag.

    At first I thought is only happened when I was clicking a two worded tag (like http://altanen.wordpress.com/category/copenhagen-institute/) but now it seems it applies to all tags, regardless of the number of words.

    For some reason though, some of the tag-links actually produces a list of posts with the corresponding tag (ex: http://altanen.wordpress.com/category/liberalisme/).

    It’s all kinda weird but I’m betting this has something to do with a sort of conflict between categories and tags. It seems when I have both a category and a tag with the same name I get the list of post; when I only have a tag I get the Not Found-page.



    The tag cloud widget seems to redirect to categories instead of tags, so if you click a tag which you also have as a category, you get results which correspond to the posts using that category, but not those which use that tag.
    If you click a tag which is not also a category, you get a no posts found error.
    Once they stoip it redirecting from /tag/whatever to /category/whatever it will work, I suspect.
    Editing the URL by hand makes no difference, that bounces and redirects too.
    Read more here:

    and the FAQ (which does not reflect this bug) here:



    I’m not experiencing that with the tag cloud at all. When i click on “British Columbia” in the cloud, it goes here:

    Same with “washing machine” (which i never had as a category):



    It’s still doing it for me, using the Tag Cloud widget in the Garland theme. If I then alter the URL by hand to replace the “category” with “tag” it redirects it right back!
    Your links work fine for me, do mine work for you, eg:

    What do you get? I’ve tried logging out, so I know it’s not just because it’s my own blog that it does strange things.

    PS: that URL from my last post where I wrote about this should actually be:



    you’re using the category cloud widget, not the tag cloud widget, so i can’t test where the tag cloud takes me :-)



    No Judy, I’m not using the Category Cloud widget. It is in fact the Tag Cloud widget which redirects from ../tag/#name to ../category/#name#-pages all by its own. It’s really stupid I think.



    It’s as Veroblog says: Some bug in the category-tag system to be suspected.




    my post was directed at veroblog. I haven’t even tried yours. Sorry i wasn’t clear.



    I have the same problem.



    I placed in several different names for my tags. Then I had to delete some of the tags because I didn’t need them anymore. Now the same tags which I deleted keep on coming up on my tag cloud area of the site. The site won’t allow my new tag names to come up on the screen. How can I change it?


    The widgets are cached and it may take a little time for it to reset for you. Also, you can try doing a forced refresh of the page – cmd-R on Mac, but I’m not sure what it is on Windows.



    i have the same issue,

    the tag cloud links are all resulting in not-found pages. ive been waiting for several hours so it’s not an issue with the cache or refresh

    additionally, wouldnt it be cool if we could further customize tag pages (eg. canopyradio.tv/tag/podcast would let me write some text above the displayed tagged posts) ????


    I’m thinking there could still be some teething going on with the tags issue and it may take a day or two for them to get all of them worked out. Staff monitors the forums so they will likely see this. You can also contact support once they are open tomorrow morning.




    Thanks for the information people! It’s great to know that you can get help around this forum. btw I am only new here!!



    sorry, I took off the Tag cloud because
    a) it would not update with new tags
    b) so some tags were disproportionate and huge (and I can’t change the size, as has been mentioned elsewhere)
    c) since most of them did not link properly it was confusing
    I’ve added it back in and now:
    a) it has updated to include all tags
    b) some still seem too big but hey I’ll wait
    c) it still ends up redirected to a category, rather than tag, which does not exist (eg “Foxit”)



    I have a little more info to add to this conversation.

    I just went through and deleted my old categories that i am no longer using (having linked the posts to tags instead), and my Tag Cloud widget no longer works!

    It seems that as long as you have the category in existence, the widget will work, but once you delete the category it can no longer find what it needs.

    This seems really messed up, since tags that never were categories (such as my washing machine example above) worked correctly until i deleted the other categories. What?!?

    If you click on the links i posted above, they no longer work.



    There is obviously some unplanned degradation in performance going on during the er upgrade. And yes – messed up would be the right term I would think. :)



    agreed :) I’ll be sending support a message once the button shows up on my dashboard…



    support message sent :)



    I sent a support message several hours ago as well. Still going to 404 pages.

    Has anybody actually gotten the tag cloud to work?

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