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Tag cloud leads to not found-page

  1. Thanks, Joseph :)

  2. Thank you!

  3. YAY! for Joseph and compatriots. :)

  4. Not working for me...

  5. The tags work in the theme to search globally on but the tag cloud widget still redirects on my local domain to the /category/ directory and a 404 error.

  6. Weird. Swein, yours seems to still be redirecting from tags to categories that, of course, don't exist.

  7. Pip, yup. I've had problems in the past where WP bugs that were allegedly fixed didn't work for me, I think because they actually have a number of servers, where the redirect would need to be fixed. I'm sending a support email.

  8. I've seen a few reports of there still being redirect problems on some blogs. We are looking into why .

  9. The reason for a few individual blogs to still have problems with /tag/ URLs has been identified. If you are still seeing this problem please contact support and we can take care of it.

  10. I'll leave my tag cloud widget up (which looks awful on my theme) because I'm still getting the redirects to /category/ and wait until support opens up this morning.

  11. Not resolved for me. The tags in my tag cloud widget still lead to a .../category/... url, resulting in a 404 error page.

  12. Same thing for me : 404 error page on tags cloud links. Any help or support ? Thanx.

  13. G'day
    Volunteers cannot help you fix this. We do not have backend access to blogs, only staff do. Please report your problem to staff using this link
    HTH :)

  14. Yesterday I reported my problem to support service and they resolved my problem in a half hour

  15. @susopazo
    Thanks for sharing this good news.
    Happy blogging. :)

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