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Tag cloud question

  1. My cloud doesn't look nice - letters are too big! Could you help me? Here ist the site:

  2. Three-column themes and tags with long names don't mix well. All you can really do is rename the categories or switch themes.

  3. Yes it doesn't look good in some templates. I'm currently using it for the time being, but I would suggest you to try the Drop Down menu instead.

  4. Thanks a lot... :)

  5. If you have the CSS upgrade, you may want to try adjusting the size of the fonts as well.

  6. Unfortunately ;) I don't... May be someday...:-)

  7. You may want to look at engtech's solution then as I think there's a method of working in the CSS into the HTML that may work for you.

  8. The tag cloud widget has been updated to allow you to change the minimum and maximum font sizes.

  9. Great, Joseph, I mean, you are great. It works perfectly now! I like it! The problem solved!

  10. Thanks Joseph. I love the Tag Cloud. Looks very good. One other question: is it possible to arrange the categories so that they are aligned more effectively? Right now, my longer tags run over to a second line.

  11. I think the browser is doing that actually. That's kind of standard for a tag cloud layout else you have those lines running off to the right, especially if the tag name was wider that the allowed area.

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