Tag cloud raining on my parade

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    I don’t know if this is “fixable”, but all is not blue sky with my tag cloud.

    The principal dilemma is that it isn’t a cloud at all, just a cheesy block
    of microscopic text all run in together so you can barely read anything.

    I’m located at: http://thedirtylowdown.wordpress.com/

    Is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation? I really like
    the look of the clouds.

    The blog I need help with is thedirtylowdown.wordpress.com.


    Oh yeah, my tag cloud header says “Topics & Themes”



    It’s not normal for the Tag Cloud widget to display as yours is doing. Please contact Staff using this link. > http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    The tag cloud (a misnomer in WP’s case) displays your tags in varying sizes, depending on how often you’ve used each tag. Yours looks strange simply because your blog is new and so far you’ve only used each tag once.



    ~~ Panos
    Thanks for sharing that observation.


    You’re welcome, TT: at first it seemed abnormal to me too, but then I checked by test blog to see if it was a theme issue, and it dawned on me…


    Thanks, TimeThief, I will do that.

    P, I appreciate that observation, but it was
    an assumption and a false one. I’ve actually
    been all over those tags like ants at a picnic.
    I use them to surf wordpress for similar blogs
    all the time.

    The tag cloud’s not working — period.

    My blog’s not that new, it’s had just shy of
    500 hits so far. If that cloud was working at
    all it should have done something by now.




    Good catch! No need to Contact Staff now as the tag entry display will grow in size when the posts grow in number. :)



    Your blog does not have many posts as yet. Your blog iis indexed by Google (35 results) and your blog is indexed by Bing (2 results). The number of hits your blog has received is not relevant. What’s relevant is the number of posts you have assigned the Tags to. Unless or until you have published more posts with the Tags assigned to them the size of the Tags will not “grow”.



    @TT For some reason your replies were marked as spam I went ahead un-spammed the replies for you… = )



    Thank you. :)



    Oh man, wrong answer! I had my heart set on taking a
    cloud home today.

    Sorry P, you know I have a cranium of titanium — which
    has its pros & cons. You deserve a belated: “You’re a
    genius!” from me, so there it is.

    Does anyone know approximately how many posts it
    takes before one of them will start puffing up? Nothing
    affects them but the number of posts they are used in?


    @JD: You’re welcome, and I appreciate your not hesitating to admit you had misunderstood.

    Yes, nothing affects them but the number of posts they are used in. Even one new post tagged with one of the tags you have already used will make that tag puff up.

    By the way, note another defect of the tag cloud you might not be aware of: it only displays up to 45 tags.


    Okay P, I’ve got it. You can consider me resolved.
    Thanks to you and TT for all the wonderful help.

    It’s funny how things work around here: when I
    woke up this morning I was clueless about tag
    cloud widgets, but between breakfast and dinner
    I became one of the world’s foremost authorities!



    You’re welcome from me. :)



    @TT, You’re welcome!

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