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    We are using the Twenty Ten theme and have the tag cloud widget activated. As it happens, one of the tags on the first line (“2010”) is the most common, so is naturally displayed with the largest text size. Unfortunately however, this chops the top bit off the text. Any suggestions or ways of fixing this minor bug? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is panfilocastaldi.wordpress.com.



    This could be fixed with the CSS upgrade but probably should be looked at by staff as this is related to the overall design of the blog. Here’s my suggestion:

    #wp_tag_cloud div a {line-height:1em;}

    Get in touch with staff and link them to this thread as well as explaining the problem. It will get fixed in due time I’m sure (apparently support is closed for the next week or so).


    Thannks for the hallluke. Will get in touch with support once they’re back on 1st of March.



    This actually looks like it may be a Typekit issue. When I save a local copy of your page and remove the Typekit script, the spacing on the tag cloud is resolved. Do you know if there’s a way to adjust tracking or kerning in Typekit font kits? If so, that may do the trick. As halluke suggests, you could resolve this with a Custom CSS tweak if Typekit doesn’t allow you to adjust spacing, but our theme itself has to manage spacing based on the fonts specified for the theme, so it seems unlikely that we can make an adjustment to fit this particular font.

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