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tag cloud widget

  1. tag cloud widget not working
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,
    I checked you blog and I see only one Tag but multiple Categories
    Filed under (these are Categories) 4.4 Information Management, Standard 2: Development, Standard 4: Management
    Tagged with 501
    Perhaps the Categories cloud widget will be a better choice for your blog.

  3. Could you explain exactly why you think it's not working as we don't have much to gone on here because you do not appear to have a tag cloud widget on your blog.

  4. Oops refresh needed there by Giddy sorry timethief :)

  5. ~~ thegiddygoat
    Hi there. I've been there and done that many times myself. Hope you have a good day. :)

  6. I go to widget to select tag cloud widget to put in my side bar and It won't let me select it. I don't see a tag cloud on my page.

    Help please

  7. Hi there,
    As we have had a few bloggers post with I can't access widget issues I'm going to speculate that Staff may be tinkering and fiddling again. Oop! I mean improving things, of course. lol :D I suggest finding something else to focus on for awhile. Note I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

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