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Tag Cloud Widget: Not Updating

  1. (1) I just noticed that there is a Tag Cloud widget. It links to tag pages for the blog, not for I point this out because I haven't seen the widget mentioned elsewhere.
    (2) The widget seemed to work fine when I added it to the sidebar. But when I made a new post, with tags, the widget didn't update. The post in question is:

  2. Sidebars are cached, so it could be an hour or so until you see it update.

  3. I now consider the lack of update to be a problem, rather than a caching delay. It's been over 10 hours now, with no sign of the new tags.

  4. OK, now I see all the tags. Perhaps I was impatient...

  5. Apparently it takes a while, because mine hasn't updated for a few hours either.

  6. What puzzled me is that the first update of a post with tags was instantaneous in the Tag Cloud Widgets.

    But I' m still waiting for the updating of two other posts and (just to check) a change in the tags of the first post. I did it one hour ago.

  7. I've also been waiting over an hour now. I wonder if the system is being hammered by so many people going back and editing their existing posts to give them tags?

  8. Mine finally updated sometime during the night, so patience is the key. ;)

  9. I think such issues fixed when I quit the browser and restarted, I think.

  10. I had this problem as well and spend quite some time trying to figure out the cause. How irritating that new tags won't show up. Hopefully this is marked as a bug at Automattic and will be fixed. I mean, categories and entries update on the fly, so why not tags?

  11. Perhaps the answer is "because they are cached".

  12. australianpottery

    None of the tags I've added since 27 October are showing up in my tag cloud.

  13. Another thread was talking about categories not showing up in the category cloud. Maybe there is something going on. If you haven't fixed this with all the usual 'clear cookies, cache, try another browser, etc' by Monday contact staff through the support tab.


  14. australianpottery

    I've received an answer from Support about my problem with tags not showing up in my tag cloud. There is currently a limit of 45 on the number of tags to show in the tag cloud and I had hit the limit. Making the limit configurable may show up in a future update.

  15. Thanks very much for posting this as it will answer a lot of future questions I suspect.

  16. My tag cloud is also not updating, It's only showing the tags of my very first post, that's a few days ago now. I have posted (with tags) since and it hasn't updated....and I haven't got 45 tags either. So I'd say it's a bug not just a delay :(

  17. Now it seems to have arbitrarily updated my tags. Tags from some posts have been added, tags from other posts (earlier) seem to have been skipped. Awwww

  18. Mark posted a brief list to a forum thread outlining the kind of details staff are expecting you to provide when you initiate your report. They include the following:
    * - your browser
    * - your browser version
    * - your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
    * - your FULL username
    * - your REAL email address that is registered here at
    * - and a very good description of the exact problem.
    Please do not post your email address or other personal information on the forum. Instead submit your report to on weekdays between 9-5PM Pacific time.

  19. Hey! It seems to have fixed itself today. Hurray :)

  20. Great news! :)

  21. I do have another question though, I can't seem to change my tags. I noticed I had some tags starting with a capital and some I hadn't. I guess I'm random sometimes. I went back though my old posts, changed the tags & saved. It won't actually remember the changes it supposed to? Can you change the tags in a post?

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