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Tag Cloud widget unavailable for Showcase and Main Sidebars

  1. In the Appearance/Widgets page, if I drop a Tag Cloud widget into my Main Sidebar, it disapears from the Available Widgets panel, so that I cannot drop an other Tag Cloud widget instance into my Showcase Sidebar (Twenty eleven Theme). Is this a Bug or a Feature? Thanks for help. Patrick.

  2. Hi there,
    I think you will benefit from reading this article on the theme.
    re: Showcase template
    "To populate the sidebars Ephemera Widget you can make use of the Aside or Link post formats when you create a new entry (or convert an old one)."

  3. Thanks for the link, but the issue (bug?) described in my post is not covered there: actually, the Tag Cloud widget is the only widget that cannot be dropped BOTH into the Main Sidebar (regular pages) AND into the Showcase Sidebar (Showcase page, twentyeleven). All others widgets: Categories, Category Cloud, RSS, Recent Posts, etc, can be dropped both into the Main Sidebar and the Showcase Sidebar.
    It looks like this issue is coming from the Available Widgets panel code: dropping a Tag Cloud widget into the Main Sidebar (regular pages) makes if disappear from the Available Widgets panel...
    This is a severe issue when you need to provide a Tag based navigation in both regular pages and a Showcase page.

  4. I'm flagging this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Thanks for your help, twentyeleven is such a nice theme to blog with. Patrick.

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