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Tag cloud wrapping

  1. Hi, I have a suggesting for the the tag cloud.

    It is a quite nice feature, and I like it a lot. But it does seem to handle wrapping well, at least for non-english text, breaking tags into halves. I wonder if it is possible for WP to set a "white-space: nowrap" style around tags to force browers render whole tags on a line?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ooops, I meant to say, (the tag cloud) does NOT handle wrapping well. :P

  3. Would you like to contact Staff directly about this?

  4. One thing came to my mind:

    Basically what I want is to display whole tags on a line. For short tags this shouldn't be a problem (or rather, it's a bonus), but if somebody is using really really long tags (longer than an whole line), it will look rather bad.

    What lengths do normal tags have?

  5. Tags are as long as the number of characters you use. Long tags and categories are NOT recommended. The shorter (fewer words) a tag or category has - the better. We cannot edit the templates underlying our themes on wordpress.COM blogs and we cannot edit themes either.

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