Tag clouds not functioning like I expect

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    Just setting up a new photo-based blog (http://garymatoso.wordpress.com) and want to use tag clouds to as a way to tag groups of images so that people could browse a group of posts by these tags. Which is what I believe is how the cloud tags are supposed to work.

    I’ve set up the cloud tag widget on my site and it appears fine in the side bar. The problem is that if you click on a tag with multiple entries (“girl” or “paris” for example on my current site) I only get 1 image/post rather then all the images with this tag.

    I assume it is has to do with how I am posting the images but would greatly appreciate any help. I think it could be a great way to navigate these photos and would like to get this in place before announcing the site to the world :-)
    I only get one image



    Actually resolved the problem myself. I had limited the number of posts
    per page to 1 in the ‘Options’ section. Changing that fixed the problem.

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