tag clouds – showing more than 45 tags?

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    i have learned that the tag clouds only show 45 tags…and that the tag clouds are our only option as a widget, right?

    i would really like to display all of my tags on my site at once (not just 45)…is there anything in the works for this? or any other suggestions on how to achieve this?

    Melissa :)



    It’s the only option in your sidebar as a widget. As per my swiss-cheese memory, there has been previous discussion on this topic and staff replied that 45 was the limit, nothing else in the works.

    Other options, I’m sure you searched the forums already, but

    Hope you find what you need.


    Thank you. Because I didn’t have that many posts at first, the earliest tags were the only ones showing up. Now that I have more posts and some tags are used more than others, the most used ones are showing up. I am happy with that!

    ~Melissa :)


    hi, and to show less than 45 tags? pr reduce the space ocuupied by the cloud?



    The tag cloud will continue to add new tags along as you add them to posts. It will then stop at 45.

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